How We Make Our Ice Cream

Our Ice Cream is 2nd to None!

With flavors like "Cookie Dough Brownie", "Purple Panther", "Coffee Oreo" and "Fluffernutter" you will see and taste the difference. Super Premium ice cream like you've never tasted before.

We use Emery Thompson batch freezers. Three 44 quart and one 24 quart. Combined they can pump out a whopping 185 gallons of ice cream per hour.

Our ice cream is handcrafted daily on site at both Hayward's locations.

Here you can see Frank, owner of Hayward's of Milford, blend our super premium Snickers ice cream.

We use only the finest ingredients.

Our half gallons are filled with our homemade ice cream. Theres nothing like fresh homemade ice cream.

Thats Chris on the left, owner of Hayward's of Nashua and Frank, Owner of Hayward's of Milford.

Open Daily 11am - 10pm

Valentines Day until Columbus Day